specbos Devices

JETI offers different accessories for the specbos devices:



Additional front optics











  • Focusing optics
  • Diffusors for changing the measuring range
  • Filters for changing the measuring range
  • Power supply
  • Special imaging optics
  • Special diffusors (Fiber extended and 90°)
  • Special filters (VIS filter, filter pairs for 3D projection measurement)
  • BlueTooth sticks
  • Hazard optics
  • Diffusors for restricted wavelength ranges

Each front end accessory changes the sensitivity of the instrument, therefore an individual calibration file is necessary for each accessory. Both specbos 1201 and 1211 can store up to 8 calibration sets. The front ends can be coded that up to three calibration files will be selected automatically if the related accessory is attached (the fourth is the calibration of the instrument without accessory).