Front Optics

Focusing Optics

The specbos radiometers in their basic configuration can measure in Luminance mode only with diameters of 4 mm and more.

JETI offers three focusing optics to reduce the measuring diameter. Their data are shown in the following table.

Focusing Optics #1 #2 #3
Measuring diameter 3 mm 1 mm 0.5 mm
Measuring distance (from front face of the optics) 70 mm 26 mm 46 mm
Field of view 2.1° 1.9° 0.6°
Length of optics 77 mm 26 mm 77 mm
Part number (specbos 1201 focus) ACC 006 ACC 007 ACC 008
Part number (specbos 1211 focus) ACC 006/1 ACC 007/1 ACC 008/1

It is only possible to use the focusing optics with specbos 1201 focus/ specbos 1211 focus. These optics cannot be used with the standard versions of the instruments.

Special imaging Optics

In some applications it is necessary to create a specified measuring diameter in a specified distance. This can be realized with customer specific optics. Send both data and you will get an offer for this specification:

Part number:         ACC 009/d_D (measuring diameter d (mm) in the measuring distance D (mm))

 front optic sceme
Example ACC 009/20_2050: d = 20 mm and D = 2050 mm