Filters for changing the measuring Range (calibration necessary)

The measuring range in Radiance mode can be shifted to higher intensities by external attenuating filters, mounted in a cap to be attached to the instrument.

The filters for specbos 1211 and specbos 1211UV have different housings:

Neutral density filter for specbos 1211 (right) and specbos 1211 UV (left)
Filter type Measuring range Luminance
(Illum. A)
Part number for specbos 1211 Part number for specbos 1211UV
OD 0.5 0.4...10 000 cd/m² ACC 010 OD0.5 ACC 010 OD0.5 UV
OD 1.0 1...25 000 cd/m² ACC 010 OD1.0 ACC 010 OD1.0 UV
OD 1.3 2...50 000 cd/m² ACC 010 OD1.3 ACC 010 OD1.3 UV
OD 1.5 3...75 000 cd/m² ACC 010 OD1.5 ACC010 OD1.5 UV
OD 2.0 10...250 000 cd/m² ACC 010 OD2.0 ACC 010 OD2.0 UV

The filters can also be used for specbos 1201 if necessary.

Filters for changing measuring range for spectraval are also avaiable on request.

Additionally there is offered a more attenuating filter with OD 3.5. It is important for the measurement of hazard effects of optical radiation, because there the luminance can reach values up to several million cd/m2 (see application note 26). This filter was designed for specbos 1211UV.

Part number:

ACC 011UV OD3.5

Special Filters (VIS Filter, Filter for 3D projection Measurement)

VIS filter (calibration necessary)

The VIS filter can be used to constrain the wavelength range of specbos 1211 to the visible range (380 ... 780 nm). This is of interest if photometric and colorimetric data shall be deteremined under influence of strong UV or NIR radiation.

vis filter dia

Part number:


Filter Pairs for 3D projection Measurement

  • Dolby filter pair
specbos 1201 can be used for the color adjustment of 3D projectors. The measurements have to be done through the right and left eye glasses. The filters of the Dolby system are available compatible to the measuring head of the instrument, so they can easily be attached for the measurement.
dolby_300 dolbydia 600
ACC014 (pair of left and right eye filter)
  • realD filter pair
A set of the polarization filters for realD projector calibration is also available.

Part number:

ACC 017 (pair of left and right eye filter)