Spectroradiometer with Integrating Sphere

specbos 1301 - Luminous Flux Measurement

specbos 1301 is an easy to use VIS spectroradiometer for fast radiant flux measurements of light sources (download datasheet). The included easy-to-use software JETI LiVal has the full complement of radiometric and colorimetric functions requisite for quality control applications and selection of samples. This new class of precision spectroradiometers is easy to handle, reliable and compact.  
The basic instrument can also be used without the sphere as a standard specbos 1201 unit.

specbos1301 180

Measuring values:

  • Radiant Flux, Luminous Flux
  • Spectral Radiant Flux
  • xy and u'v' coordinates
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Color purity
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Color Rendering Index



Sort your LEDs with the LED Ranker. For further information see LED Ranker site with demo video.
The size of the integrating sphere depends from the measuring object.
A baffle avoids the inclusion of direct radiation from the light source to the measurement.
Nominal sphere diameters are 200 and 300 mm.
Other sphere sizes are possible.



  • Very compact
  • USB powered - mobile! - no power supply
  • Automatic determination of measuring time
  • Internal shutter
  • Easy data transfer to Excel


  • Radiometric and colorimetric
    characterization of
    • LED's
    • Lamps
    • Fiber optic output


Optical Parameters
   Spectral range    380 nm .. 780 nm
   Optical resolution (FWHM)    5 nm
   Calculated wavelength step    1 nm
   Digital electronic resolution    16 Bit ADC (15 Bit used)
   Dispersive element    Diffraction grating (9nm FWHM)
   Light receiving element    Photodiode array 1024 pixel (binned)
   Measuring values    Spectral Radiant Flux;
   Total Radiant Flux/ Luminous Flux
   Chromaticity coordinates x,y; u',v';
   Correlated Color Temperature;
   Dominant wavelength, color purity;
   Color Rendering Index
Measuring range and accuracies
   Measuring range Luminous Flux    depending from integrating sphere (see application note 5)
   Luminous Flux accuracy    depending from integrating sphere
   Luminous Flux reproducibility    depending from integrating sphere
   Chromaticity accuracy    ± 0.001 x, y (illuminant A)
   Color reproducibility    ± 0.0005 x, y
   CCT reproducibility    ± 20 K (@ illuminant A)
   Wavelength accuracy    ± 0.5 nm
Technical Parameters
   Sphere Diameter    200 and 300 mm
   PC interface    USB2.0 fullspeed
   Operating conditions    Temperature 10 ... 40 °C
   Humidity < 85 % relative humidity at 35 °C
   Dimensions    125 mm x 58 mm x 34 mm
   Weight    550 g
   Power Supply    Hub powered
   Accessories    PC software JETI LiVal for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
   Software for Developers :  SDK
   Integration Sphere
   Operation manual (digital)
   USB cable
   Calibration certificate
   NIST traceable calibration    Recommended recalibration interval: one year