Spectroradiometer with CIE 127 set up

specbos 1401 - Luminous Intensity Measurement

specbos 1401 is a compact luminous intensity meter, especially for the measurement of the averaged intensity according to the CIE127 publication (download datasheet). It is delivered with a measuring head for CIE cond. B and an extension tube for cond. A. Its easy-to-use software JETI LiVal has the full complement of radiometric and colorimetric functions requisite for research, diagnostics, and quality control applications.
1401 con a und b 400

Measuring values:

  • Radiant Intensity, Luminous Intensity
  • Spectral Radiant Intensity
  • xy and u'v' coordinates
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Color purity
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Color Rendering Index

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  • Easy change between condition A and B
  • USB powered - no extra power supply
  • Automatic determination of measuring time
  • Shutter for dark correction
  • Data export into Excel spread sheets


  • LED characterization more...
  • Luminous Intensity measurement
    of lamps and luminaires


Optical Parameters
   Spectral range    380 nm .. 780 nm
   Optical resolution (FWHM)    5 nm
   Calculated wavelength step    1 nm
   Digital electronic resolution    16 Bit ADC (15 Bit used)
   Dispersive Element    Diffraction grating
   Light Receiving Element    Photodiode array 1024 pixel
   Measuring values    Spectral Radiant Intensity accord. to CIE127 Cond. A/B;
   Total Radiant Intensity/ Luminous Intensity;
   Chromaticity coordinates x,y; u',v';
   Correlated Color Temperature;
   Dominant Wavelength, color purity;
   Color Rendering Index;
Measuring range and accuracies
   Measuring range Lum. Intensity    50 mcd .. 50 cd
   Luminous intensity accuracy    t.b.d
   Luminous Intensity reproducibility    t.b.d
   Chromaticity accuracy    ± 0.001 x, y (@illuminant A)
   Color reproducibility    ± 0.0005 x, y
   CCT reproducibility    ± 20 K (@ illuminant A)
   Wavelength accuracy    ± 0.5 nm
Technical Parameters
   Interface    USB 2.0 fullspeed
   Operating Conditions    Temperature: 10 .. 40 °C
   Humidity: < 85% relative humidity @ 35 °C
   Power supply    USB powered
   Accessories    Measuring tubes for Cond. A and B
   Cosine diffusor (for irradiance measurement)
   PC software JETI LiVal for Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
   Software for Developers :  SDK
   Operation manual
   Calibration certificate
   USB cable
   NIST traceable Calibration    Recommended interval: 1 year