VIS Spectroradiometer


The new reference grade spectroradiometer spectraval is available in two versions: with and without display.

Both models are characterized by their fast measuring speed and compact design:

- with display: spectraval 1511
- without display: spectraval 1501

    spectraval 1501 spectraval 1511

 The main features of both devices are as follows:

  • Optimized operation routes
  • Automatic measurement in selectable time intervals
  • Wavelength range is limited to 380 - 780 nm (what is advantage for color measurements, because all disturbing irrelevant signals in UV and IR are physically excluded)
  • Suited for HDR (luminance values up to 150 000 cd/m² can be measured)
  • Quiet and promptly operating piezo-elctric shutter (requires for opening/ closing cycle approx. 1/10 of the time that the shutter of specbos devices required)
  • USB or battery powered
  • All devices support Bluetooth connection
  • Data storage on SD card (option)

 You find a comparison with the specbos serie in the application note 28.

 A diffusor for the Irradiance measurement can be ordered optional (ACC 032).