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Radiometric software
Radiometric software
( no update, functions are included in JETI LiVal)
Colorimetric software
Spectra aquisition software



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LabView VIs for
radiometric operation
 ( no update, please use the DLL)



DLL's for
radiometric operation





The specbos instruments are delivered with appropriate software packages. This is the easy to use spectra acquisition program JETI VersaSpec for the spectrometers specbos 1001 and specbos 2001. The surface color measuring instrument specbos 4001 comes with a colorimetric (JETI Color) and the spectroradiometers specbos 1201/ 1301 /1401 and specbos 1211 with a radiometric software (JETI LiVal).
These software packages are suited for Windows 2000/ NT/ XP/ Vista/ 7. The intuitive graphical user interfaces allow the storage of measured spectra as well as their presentation and management (hot links to Excel and ASCII files). The colorimetric software calculates color values in different measuring systems as L*a*b*, color differences and has the possibility to create customer specific references.
Presentation of absolute spectra as well as display of radiometric/ colorimetric values like luminance, Correlated Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index are features of the radiometric software.
The JETI VIs are LabView virtual instruments for spectrometric and especially spectroradiometric applications. You can implement this LabView library implement into your LabView Workspace and create applications according to your purpose.
Spectroradiometric DLLs in different levels (basic user, advanced user) are available.
Demo versions (VersaSpec, JETI color, JETI LiVal) calculate and show arbitrary data. These versions do not operate with JETI devices.
Contact us in case of lost CDs or if you are interested in software updates.