Diffusor with 8 mm measuring diameter

The irradiance measurements are carried out with a special diffuser (articel number ACC 026). In addition, the measurements of Actinic UV, UVA and Eye IR demand a limiting aperture of 80°, which is realized with the ACC 028 accessory.

During years modern non coherent light sources became brighter, e.g. LED spotlights or metal halide lamps. As a consequent, the danger of injuries of human skin and eye rises. Therefore, the legislation created regulations to protect the population. It includes hazard categories and related exposure limits. The result of a hazard evaluation will be the classification of the source into a risk group.

Hence, Jeti offers irradiance-based hazard measurements accessories for specbos 1211UV-2 spectroradiometer.

The measurements related to skin and cornea of the eye are irradiance-based measurements.

With the accessories the spectroscopy instrument can measure following hazard categories:

  • Eye UV-A hazard
    Eye UV-A (near UV) hazard will be measured in the spectral region between 315 nm and 400 nm.
  • Actinic UV hazard for Skin & Eye
    Actinic UV for skin and eye hazard falls under the spectral region between 200 nm and 400 nm range.
  • Retinal blue light (Small Source) hazard
    For a light source subtending an angle less than 0.011 radian (α), it is said to be a small source. The blue light hazard under such conditions is measured based on the spectral irradiance method.

For more facts about irradiance-based hazard measurements please see the technical note 26.

specbos 1211UV-2 with EN62471 conform diffusor
Diffusor with 8 mm diameter and 80° aperture
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