Broadband spectrometer

The JETI broadband OEM spectrometer RU60 is a flat field spectrograph combined with a powerful processing electronics. It can be used for precise spectroscopic measurements, where a good linearity and a high optical resolution is needed. It includes an imaging grating and a correction mirror. RU60 is available with and without mechanical shutter.

The spectrometer can be operated with the intuitive measuring software JETI VersaSpec.

Princple optical scheme
Princple optical scheme
Insight into a JETI RU60
Insight into a JETI RU60
Interfaces / connections
Interfaces / connections

Main characteristics of RU60

  • High quality image with very low aberrations over the whole spectral range
  • High dynamic range
  • High sensitivity in VIS, UV and IR
  • Compact design


  • Very low astigmatism
  • Can easily be integrated into customer systems and implement in customer specific designs
  • Processing of spectral calculations
  • SCPI compatible control syntax  

Controller functions

  • Internal storage of wavelength pixel relation
  • Preprocessing of data, dark signal correction, absolute calibration
  • Internal calculations like averaging, interpolation, transmission, reflexion, absorption, color coordinates
  • Dedicated control syntax (SCPI compliant)


Optical parameters

  • Spectral range 200 nm to 1000 nm
  • Optical resolution
    • ≤ 4.5 nm FWHM (100 µm slit)
    • ≤ 3.0 nm FWHM (50 µm slit)
    • ≤ 2.0 nm FWHM (25 µm slit)
  • Max. wavelength error ± 0.5 nm (HgAr line source)
  • Stray light 0.1 % (GG 495, λ = 420 nm/ 600 nm)

Electronical parameters

  • Digital resolution 16 Bit
  • Dynamics > 3000

Optical input

  • F-SMA connector for fiber with up to 500 µm core diameter


More parameters can be found in the datasheet


Fiber optic cable
Fiber Optic Cable (core diameter 200 µm, both sides terminated by SMA connectors) is available for all JETI spectrometers. The normal flexible cable has a length of 1 m (sma 200/1). Additionally, a nonflexible version with a length of 10 cm (sma-sma 200) is offered.

Fiber coupled diffusor (ACC 028)
The optical fibers can be combined with a fiber coupled diffusor to convert the spectrometers into Irradiance meters. A suited calibration is optionally available.

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