spectraval 1511-focus

Stand alone spectroradiometer for small objects

spectraval 1511-focus can be used for the measurement of small light emitting objects as LED chips, the segments of alphanumeric displays, back illuminated signs and mini CCFL tubes. It has a specifically modified measuring optics compared with the standard device spectraval 1511 and can be used in combination with focussing optics accessories to measure diameters of 3 mm, 1 mm and 0.5 mm in defined distances. The 0.5 mm version will be adjusted with a magnifying glass to increase the positioning precision.

All optics can be attached easily to the basic instrument by screwing. The used version of the front-end is automatically detected by the instrument and the appropriate calibration data set will be applied.

The instrument can be used in a stand-alone mode thanks to its touchpad display.


  • Compact solutions
  • Fast measurement
  • Precise results due to high quality spectrograph and NIST traceable calibration
  • Comfortable handling due to Bluetooth connection

Focusing optics for JETI spectraval 15x1-focus

Measurement of a display with JETI spectraval 1511-focus
Measurement of a display with JETI spectraval 1511-focus
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