Please find in this section the required information about the JETI products to download.


In this section you can find information’s about spectral measurements and general references.


Here you will find all datasheets of the spectroradiometer, spectrometer and readout electronic, which are produced by JETI.

External software

When measuring with a JETI spectroradiometer, it is possible to use external software. Here you can find an overview of different software.


Actual papers on spectroscopy, spectroradiometer, spectral measurements and others are provided by JETI here.

One small USB stick for man, but one giantly USB stick for mankind.

Hardware descriptions

You will obtain here the instructions of hardware for JETIs readout electronics, spectrometer and spectroradiometer.

Technical notes

Here you can find different downloads for technical notes of the spectroradiometer, accessories or applications.

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