Model upgrade

Since 2009 the specbos 1211 spectroradiometer is in production in different versions. It started with the basic model specbos 1211 (till 2010), which was followed by specbos 1211-1.

specbos 1211-1 is equipped with improved electronic and different connectors (USB, LAN).
In 2016 it was replaced by specbos 1211-2, which is still in production. This actual model is equipped with a new Hamamatsu detector, allowing the measurement of higher intensity levels.

The following upgrades are possible:

  • specbos 1211 to specbos 1211focus
  • specbos 1211 to specbos 1211-1
  • specbos 1211-1 to specbos 1211-1-LAN
  • specbos 1211-1 to specbos 1211-1-BT
  • specbos 1211UV to specbos 1211UV-1

Please note, an upgrade to specbos 1211-2 is not possible.

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