JETI MoDiCal (included in JETI LiVal since 2015)



MoDiCal is a software designed for the color alignment of displays and projectors.
It can be used with the spectroradiometers specbos 1201 and specbos 1211.

The software allows to measure Luminance, xy color coordinates and the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT).
Furthermore it is possible to obtain the RGB values after setting the appropriate primary and white point data.

The radiant spectrum of the measurement can be displayed. All measuring values can be stored in Excel™.



The following screenshots are the measurement results 

of the red blue and green areas from the test image.


test image








PC requirement:

  • Pentium IV / AMD Athlon XP or higher, min. 512 MB RAM
  • Graphic resolution: 1024 x 600, 16 bit color depth
  • Windows XP, Vista™ or 7; Excel 2000™ (for data transfer)
Screenshots (click to enlarge)


modical blaumessung 1024


modical rotmessung 1024



modical gruenmessung 1024


modical blaumessung graph 1024

modical rotmessung graph 1024


modical gruenmessung graph 1024


modical blaumessung spectrum 1024

modical rotmessung spectrum 1024


modical gruenmessung spectrum 1024


Download JETI MoDiCal