Application Notes — Frequently Asked Questions




AN 28  When I should select spectraval 15x1 instead of specbos 12x1?       AN 23  Summary of measures in case of USB communication problems
AN 19  Comparison of monitor calibration with I1Pro, CS-200 and specbos 1211 L       AN 21  JETI USB Driver V2.X.X Installation Guide
AN 15  specbos 1211 vs. specbos 1201       AN 10  Use a manually defined COM port with JETI software
AN 05  Measuring ranges of JETI radiometers       AN 09   Testing the communication with hyper terminal
AN 03  Some detailed information about JETIs spectroradiometric equipment       AN 02  JETI USB Driver V2.2.4 Installation Guide specbos 1201


Special Measurements

Firm- and Software

AN 27  Selected problems of display and projection color measurement       AN 22  Information about new JETI software LiVal
AN 26  Optical hazard measurements with specbos 1211 UV       AN 18  Direct control of specbos 1211 and 1201 by firmware commands
AN 25  Reducing the Measuring Time of specbos 1201/1211       AN 17 Direct control of specbos and spectraval for custom applications
AN 24  RU60 - External Triggering of a Measurement       AN 16 Support for Linux and Mac OS X
AN 20 Scheme of radiometric and photometric quantities       AN 08   JETI SCPI commands
AN 14 Measurement of flash lights with standard specbos 1201          
AN 11 Color measurement of digital cinemas Farbmessung im Kino          
AN 06 Application hints to use specbos 1201/ 1211 for surface color measurement