Applications of JETI Spectroradiometers






labor 100 General Light Measurements in Laboratory specbos 1x11; spectraval 15x1
production control 100 Spectral Measurements in Online Process Control specbos 1211
rad intese 100 Radiant Intensity Calculation using Irradiance Measurement specbos 1211
irad 2 100 Irradiance Calculation using Radiance Measurement specbos 1211; spectraval


power led 100 Optical Characterization of LEDs specbos 1211
ledmeasurement ranks led sw 100 Ranking of LEDs and other Light Sources specbos; spectraval
oled 100 Measurement of OLEDs specbos 1211

Color Adjustment

digital cinema 100 Adjustment of Digital Projectors in Theatres spectraval 1501
adjustment monitors 100 Color Adjustment of Broadcast and Consumer Monitors specbos 1211;
spectraval 15x1
oled op trulight5000 100 CRI Adjustment of LED Operation Lamps specbos 1211

Light effects

bartenbach architektur cologne 100 Measurement in Architecture and Architecture Models specbos 1211
weighting function greenhouse 100 Measurements Applying Spectral Weighting Functions specbos 1211
hazardous 100 Evaluation of Hazardous Optical Radiation specbos 1211UV
circadian curve 100 Circadian Metrics specbos 1211


flash 100 Measurement of Flash Lamps and other Pulsed Sources specbos 1211
energy 100 Measurement of Energy Saving Lamps and Fluorescent Tubes specbos 1211UV
burn Burn in Tests of Lamps specbos


alphanumeric symbols 100 Measurement of Alphanumeric and Symbol Displays specbos 1211 focus
 metam Metameric Calculation specbos 1211
correction tristimulus lmk98-4color 100 Correction Measurement for Tristimulus Instruments   (Spot and Video Photometers) specbos