Application of JETI Spectroradiometer specbos 1211 and spectraval

Color Adjustment of Broadcast and Consumer Monitors

Some years ago the display technology was limited to one principle – Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT).

Nowadays several display technologies are applied in parallel:

bildschirmspektren newWhite spectra of different displays   (click to enlarge)

  • LCD with LED backlight
  • LCD with CCFL backlight
  • Plasma
  • FED (very limited)
  • OLED
  • CRT (still used in broadcast applications)
In the past tristimulus instruments were used to measure and calibrate the monitors. Due to the significantly differing white spectra the mismatch of the measuring channels to the color matching functions (CMFs), known as error f1, becomes more important. It can result in easily visible differences between the different monitors. Therefore a precise spectral measurement with following calculation of XYZ coordinates will be superior.
One main application of specbos 1211 and spectraval are the measurement and calibration of monitors. The software LiVal allows to select the RGB values of the primaries (gamut triangle) and the white point according to different standards (e.g. EBU 3213/ ITU and SMPTE-C) or to define or measure individual values. The RGB measuring result is shown by numbers and by bars for a convenient adjustment.





The instrument has a viewing angle of 1.8°. Due to a common rule of thumb up to 4° the CIE 1931 2° Color Matching Functions are used. The software MoDiCal allows to use these functions as well as the 10° functions. Furthermore CMFs based on the cone fundamentals of CIE 170-1:2006 and fundamentals based on modifications by Schanda/ Csuty (2008) are implemented for testing purposes.

different color matching functions dia

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different monitor 1211


JETI offers a straylight protection tube for spectraval 1501/ 1511.

spectraval 1511 with straylight red