Application of JETI Spectroradiometer spectraval

Adjustment of Digital Projectors in Theatres

The installation of digital projectors in cinemas requires the adjustment of their color settings. This is necessary to compensate the individual influences of the theatre, e.g. screen reflexion parameters, the back reflexion from the audience and the effect of the security lights. spectraval can be used for this task, because it is small and fast to use.



The measurement is proceeded with the included universal radiometric software JETI LiVal. The measuring area is marked with a red cicle which can conveniently be seen on the projection screen (see figure). The measured colorimetric data can be transfered to the projector by the laptop (e.g. using WLAN). After the automatic correction of the projector settings a check measurement will be done to validate whether the required values are achieved.


  • easy operation
  • low weight
  • power supply via USB or bluetooth
  • connect easily to a Laptop
  • software JETI LiVal Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 compatible
  • data transfer to Excel and other calculation programs
  • visualization of measuring area by a laser circle
  • precise measuring results
  • Luminance precision: ±2%


lival cinema 500

Screenshot with jumbo display of measuring results
(luminance can be switched to fL)

The measurements for 3D projection have to be done through the right and left eye glass of the viewer. spectraval can be delivered with filter caps for Dolby 3D and RealD projectors. This simplifies the measurement and ensures precise results (accessories specbos).

For more detailed information see the application note 11.