JETI Technische Instrumente
Spectrometric Solutions from Components to Systems

The company was founded in January 1998 by three former Zeiss coworkers with the aim to develop, produce and sell spectroscopic equipment under the slogan  "Economic and easy to use ". It has currently 14 employees. The main fields of activity are optics, electronics, mechanics and software development. So JETI can offer measuring systems developed  "under one roof ". JETI GmbH wants to follow the traditions of Spectroscopy in Jena. It is situated in the south of the city near the University of Applied Science. The company established a close cooperation to many institutes and other companies in Jena.                              haus
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JETI Technische Instrumente GmbH
Göschwitzer Straße 48
D-07745 Jena

Dr. Steffen Görlich