Application of JETI Spectroradiometers specbos 1211 and spectraval 1501

Spectral Measurement in Online Process Control  

Online measurements make high demands on the optical measurement instrumentation.

Common necessities are

  • high measurement speed
  • resistant against mechanical stress, e.g. vibrations and collisions
  • long-term stability
  • insensitive against ambient light
  • 100 % reliable data transfer
Such measurements are often done with sensors and filter devices due to speed demands. But there exist more and more online measuring applications where spectral data are necessary because they give additional information about the process or the product quality. Due to the fact that spectroradiometer become increasingly robust and fast, they can be used for such applications if all needed parameters are carefully checked.

Possible applications are

  • the quality check of special light sources, e.g. constant Color Temperature lamps
  • the adjustment of LED light sources
  • the color coding of products
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specbos 1201 in the field


The instruments of the specbos and spectraval series can be used for such applications.
Both instruments can be implemented into customer specific applications via DLLs. The radiometric calculations are done in the instrument and the results, e.g. special spectral values, the Color temperature or colorimetric values, are exported to the host PC.
  • DWORD JETI_Measure (DWORD dwDevice)
  • DWORD JETI_Photo (DWORD dwDevice, FLOAT *fPhoto)
  • DWORD JETI_Chromxy10 (DWORD dwDevice, FLOAT *fChromx10, FLOAT *fChromy10)

The list shows the DLL functions as an example for the measurement and the output of selected measuring values (the photometric value, the xy coordinates for the 10° observer and the Correlated Color Temperature CCT).

specbos and spectraval are equipped with a USB interface. spectraval can be powered also by battery. We offer also spectraval 1501 with LAN interface. specbos 1211 can alternatively be delivered with an additional LAN (specbos 1211-LAN) or RS 232 interface (specbos 1211-RS). These versions are often used in online applications because the data transfer is more reliable, particularly in electromagnetically disturbed surroundings. It is especially recommended to use them in applications with many lamp power supplies, with motor driven parts and with long distances between probe and host computer.

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From left to right: Rear sides of standard version specbos 1211, RS 232 version specbos 1211-RS, LAN version specbos 1211-LAN and bluetooth version specbos 1211-BT