Process Spectrometer

Versa PS2000

      VersaPS2000 250

The process spectrometer Versa PS2000 (download datasheet) was developed for online transmission measurements of optical layers during production. It can be used for other tasks too, e.g. spectral transmission measurements of liquids or reflexion measurements during coating processes.


The firmware of Versa PS2000 allows to preprocess the measuring data. So it is possible to calculate process specific data such as reflectivity or layer thickness.


Versa PS2000 will also be available with an internal light source (halogen lamp or xenon flash lamp) or as a NIR version.



  • Fast measurement (integration time down to 10 µs)
  • Fast read out
  • Variety of interfaces
  • Read out of an external position sensor
  • High reliability


  • Online spectral measurement
  • Process control of vacuum deposition
  • Thickness measurement of thin layers
  • Analytical instrumentation
  • Multichannel spectrometric systems


  • Storage of reference data
  • Preprocessing of data, dark signal correction, absolute calibration
  • Internal calculations like averaging, interpolation, transmission, reflexion, absorption, color-coordinates
  • DLL based SDK and SCPI compatible control syntax
  • Software and hardware trigger


  • USB (high or full speed)
  • LAN
  • RS 232/ 422/ 485


Optical Parameters
   Spectral range    200 nm .. 1000 nm
   (Versa PS2000 NIR 900 nm … 1690 nm)

   flat field holographic grating, aberration correction mirror

   Optical bandwidth
   ≤ 4.0 nm FWHM (100 µm slit)
   2.5 nm FWHM (50 µm slit)
   2.0 nm FWHM (30 µm slit)
   Asymmetry factor
   ≥ 0.7
   Optical input
   F-SMA 905 connector for 200 µm fiber
   Wavelength accuracy
   ≤ 0.2 nm (HgAr linesource)
   Wavelength reproducibility
   0.02 nm (HgAr linesource)
   Stray light
   ≤ 0.2 % (ASTM E387, GG495, λ = 420 nm/ 600 nm)
   depends on detector
   Detector    25 mm BTCCD, CMOS, NMOS*
Electronical parameters
   Digital resolution    16 bit
   2 counts RMS
   Sampling speed    up to 4 MS/ s
   Transfer speed
   up to 40 Mb/ s (via High Speed USB)
   Integration time    0.01 ... 64999 ms
   Trigger delay
  10 µs
   ≤ 2 µs
   Ethernet or RS 422/ 485
   RS 232
   Power supply
   110 ... 220 V or PoE (if Ethernet is used)
Mechanical parametrs
   Dimensions (total)
   25 cm x 25 cm x 15 cm
   3 kg
Scope of delivery
   Basic unit, PC software JETI VersaSpec, JETI SDK, power supply cable, operation manual
* others on request