JETI offers two model series of spectroradiometers - spectraval and specbos (comparison). All instruments are based on high quality array spectrometers with controlled properties. Their calibration is NIST traceable.

spectraval  specbos 
Stand alone and computer connected operation  Only computer connected operation 
VIS range  Version for VIS and version for UV to NIR 
Two models for field measurement and online applications  Measurement of all four basic light measuring quantities 
Radiance/ Luminance mode spectraval 1501
spectraval 1511
Radiance/ Luminance - Irradiance/ Illuminance  specbos 1211
 Radiance/ Luminance specbos 1211L
Irradiance/ Illuminance specbos 1211E
Radiant Flux/ Luminous Flux specbos 1311
Radiant Intensity/ Luminous Intensity specbos 1411
Diffusor, other accessories on request A variety of accessories