Filters for higher Luminance

The measuring range in Radiance mode can be shifted to higher intensities by external attenuating filters, mounted in a cap to be attached to the instrument.

The filters for specbos 1211 and specbos 1211UV have different housings:

Neutral density filter for specbos 1211 (right) and specbos 1211 UV (left)
Filter type Measuring range Luminance
(Illum. A)
Part number for specbos 1211 Part number for specbos 1211UV
OD 1.0 0.4 ... 1 000 000 cd/m² ACC 010OD1.0 ACC 010UVOD1.0
OD 2.0 1 ...    9 000 000 cd/m² ACC 010OD2.0 ACC 010UVOD2.0

The filters can also be used for spectraval if necessary.

Additionally there is offered a more attenuating filter with OD 3.5. It is important for the measurement of hazard effects of optical radiation, because there the luminance can reach values up to several million cd/m2 (see application note 26). This filter was designed for specbos 1211UV.

Part number:

ACC 011UVOD3.5

Please note:
Filters for devices, which bought before 2019, only on request with serial number and wished measuring range.