Fiber extended Diffusor

The standard diffusors of specbos 1211 and spectraval allow in axis Irradiance measurements. There exist applications where this restricted set up cannot be used, e.g. if it is necessary to measure the Irradiance on a certain surface.
The Fiber extended diffusor consists of a fiber optic cable and a diffusor part. It will be attached to the instrument and allows the measurement at difficult accessible locations.


Part numbers:

Cable length Part number for specbos 1211 Part number for specbos 1211UV
0.35 m ACC 015-35 ACC 015UV-35
1.00 m ACC 015-100 ACC 015UV-100
3.00 m ACC 015-300 -
5.00 m - ACC 015UV-500
Fiber extended diffusors for spectraval are also avaiable on request.

Fiber extended 90° Diffusor

This diffusor combines the 90° geometry with the possibility to measure at remote locations. The standard length of the cable is 1 m. Fiber extended 90° diffusors for spectraval are also avaiable on request.

fiber extented 90diffusor400
Part numbers: ACC 019-100 (for specbos 1211)
  ACC 019-100UV (for specbos 1211UV)
It is also possible to combine any filter extende diffusor with an adapter with OD filter to shift the measuring range. 
extended fiber diffusor with ug
example fiber extended diffusor with adapter UG11
Part number adapter: ACC 021 ODx.x or UG11