Diffusors for higher Illuminance


The measuring range of specbos 1211 for Illuminance mode measurements is given in the datasheet. It is possible to order special diffusors with added filters to shift the measuring range towards higher illuminance values:

Filter type

Measuring range Illuminance (Illum. A) Part number for specbos 1211 Part number for specbos 1211UV
OD 0.5 specbos 1211/1211UV: 16 ... 95 000 lx ACC 013OD0.5 ACC 013UVOD0.5
OD 1.0 specbos 1211/1211UV: 50 ... 300 000 lx ACC 013OD1.0 ACC 013UVOD1.0
OD 1.5 specbos 1211/1211UV: 160 ... 950 000 lx ACC 013OD1.5 ACC 013UVOD1.5
OD 2.0 specbos 1211/1211UV: 500 ... 3 Mlx ACC 013OD2.0 ACC 013UVOD2.0
Diffusors for changing measuring range for spectraval are also avaiable on request.
diffusor with od