Broadband Spectroradiometer 

specbos 1211-2

specbos 1211-2 is a miniaturized and fast broadband spectroradiometer covering the wavelength range from VIS(UV) to NIR (download datasheet). It can be used for various applications both in lab as well as in production. The instrument is available in a standard version for the wavelength range of 350 ... 1000 nm and in an extended UV version (specbos 1211UV-2) with 230 ... 1000 nm.  
specbos 1211-2 can be delivered with various interfaces.

specbos 1211-2 specbos 1211-2-RS specbos 1211-2-BT specbos 1211-2-LAN
USB2.0 RS232 and USB2.0 Bluetooth and USB2.0 LAN and USB2.0

specbos 1211 can be used with a Netbook to allow mobile applications.

specbos 1211-2 can be used for measurements in Irradiance mode as well as in Radiance mode with measuring diameters beginning from 4 mm. The special model specbos 1211-2focus can measure diameters of 3 mm, 1 mm and 0.5 mm in radiance mode.

If only one measuring mode is of interest, it can be ordered specbos 1211L (only Radiance mode) or specbos 1211E (only Irradiance mode).
  1211 radio 200
The measurement of samples in Radiant flux mode is possible with specbos 1311.


  • Wavelengths range 350 nm to 1000 nm / 230 nm to 1000 nm
  • Start of measurement with external trigger signal
  • Highly sensitive
  • Internal target spot laser
  • Mechanical shutter for dark signal compensation
  • Automatic measurement in selectable time intervals
  • USB powered - mobile

Measuring values:

  • Luminance, Radiance
  • Illuminance, Irradiance
  • xy and u' v' coordinates
  • Dominant wavelength
  • Color purity
  • Correlated Color Temperature
  • Color Rendering Index
  • Circadian metrics, PAR
Examples for applications are the following: 
  • Calibration of studio monitors  info
  • Measurement of fluorescence and UV lamps
  • Measurement of extended luminaries like OLEDs
  • Measurement of weighted spectra e.g.
    of  hazardous radiation  info
  • Spectral measurements in goniometers
Additional features: 
  • Pass / fail decisions
  • Ranking function (up to 16 ranks)
  • Spectral operations
  • Data export in csv and xls files 
The instrument can be operated with the intuitive measuring software JETI LiVal or with one of the application specific programs as CalMAN (spectracal), ChromaPure (Display Calibrations) or LightSpace (LightIllusion). Furthermore it is possible to implement the instrument into customer specific applications using the USB interface (virtual COM port) directly by the following ways: 
  • Radiometric DLLs
  • Radiometric Virtual Instruments for LabView
  • Serial commands (SCPI compatible syntax) 

Optional accessories:

JETI offers additional accessories for specbos 1211-2 to expand its applications. more ....



Optical Parameters
   Spectral range    specbos 1211-2 :         350 nm - 1000 nm    
   specbos 1211UV-2 :     230 nm - 1000 nm
   Optical resolution (FWHM)    4.5 nm
   Calculated wavelength step    1 nm
   Digital electronic resolution    16 Bit ADC (15 Bit used)
   Viewing angle    1.8° (Luminance mode)
   Measuring distance / diameter    20 cm - Ø 6 mm; 100 cm - Ø 31 mm (luminance mode)
   Measuring values    Spectral radiance    
   Total Luminance/ total Radiance 
   Total Illuminance/ total Irradiance 
   Chromaticity coordinates x , y ; u', v'
   Correlated Color Temperature, color purity
   Color Rendering Index, RGB
   Circadian metrics, Photosynthetically Active Radiation
Measuring ranges and accuracies
   Measuring range luminance
  specbos 1211-2)
   0.2 - 150 000 cd/m² (higher values with optional filter) @ illuminant A
   Measuring range illuminance
  specbos 1211-2)
   1 - 1 500 000 lx @ illuminant A
   Luminance accuracy    ± 2 % @ 100 cd/m² and illuminant A
   Luminance reproducibility    ± 1 %@ 100 cd/m² and illuminant A
   Chromaticity accuracy    ± 0.002 x , y @ illuminant A
   Color reproducibility    ± 0.0005 x , y @ illuminant A
   CCT reproducibility    ± 20 K @ illuminant A
   Wavelength accuracy    ± 0.5 nm
Other technical data
   Dispersive element    Imaging grating (flat field)
   Light receiving element    CCD array 2048 pixel
   Power supply    USB powered (no voltage < 4.8V)
   PC interface    USB 2.0 fullspeed
   Dimensions (drawing)    180 mm * 82 mm * 53 mm
   Weight    450 g
   Operating conditions    Temperature 10 - 40 °C
   Humidity < 85 % relative humidity at 35 °C

   All inclusive accessories packet
   Cosine corrector head-piece  (for irradiance measurement) 
   Transport box
   USB stick with:
   PC software JETI LiVal 
   Operating instructions and firmware commands (digital)
   USB cable
   Trigger connector
   Calibration    NIST traceable
   Recommended recalibration interval    1 year