Systems for Radiometric Measurements


Spectroradiometer specbos 1211

JETI offers spectroradiometers based on line array spectrometers.
specbos 1211 is a broadband spectroradiometer and covers wavelengths from UV to NIR. It is available in a special UV extended version (specbos 1211UV) as well as for luminous flux measurement (specbos 1311).
The application notes 15 and 28 show a comparison of the devices.

  1211 300

Spectroradiometer specbos 1211/ 1211UV

A small broadband spectroradiometer with extened possibilities of applications.
  • Calibration of monitors  info
  • Measurement of displays  info
  • Measurement of fluorescence lamps
  • Measurement of LED luminaires  info


aquarium 300