Read out electronics 


The VersaPic read out electronics (download datasheet) is evolved for reading spectral data from several spectral sensors. The powerful 16/32 Bit microcontroller utilizes on board from simple spectra calculations up to real time FFT. Several signal conditioning units for line arrays are available. versapic nmos1

Principle scheme:


overview versapic



Electrical Parameters
   Power supply    USB-Hub powered or + 6 ... 16 V DC
   Operation current    <150 mA (on USB)
   Quiescent current (power down)    < 5 mA (interface dependent)
Analog to Digital Conversion Unit 
   Resolution    16 bit, 2 bit RMS (without oversampling), 4 bit INL, no missing code
   Sampling speed    10 MS/sec.
   Sampling mode    Sample and Hold:1, 4 - fold prog. oversampling
   or Correlated Double Sampling
   Inputs    2 (odd and even), programmable for positive or negative video
   Input full scale range    2 V or 4 V, programmable
   Gain    1...5 programmable in 64 steps
   Offset    External compensation or programmable up to +/- 300 mV
   USB 2.0    Full speed (12 Mbit/sec) (virtual COM Port)
   RS232    8, N, 1, RxD, TxD, no flow control up to115200 bit/sec.
   TTL-UART    up to 921600 bit/sec
   SPI    up to 5 Mbit/sec.
Process control 
   Trigger input    TTL, slope programmable
   Shutter output    TTL, programmable state and delay
   Flash lamp control    programmable flash length, programmable burst
Cooling control 
   TEC    1 ... 3 stages PI-regulated, class D amplifier, low loss power    
   5 V, up to 2 A, 256 bit PWM
   Accuracy    ± 0.01 °C
   Temperature set range    -40 ... +50 °C
   Basic operations    Dark counts, reference counts, transmission, absorbance,
   (pixelwise or in wavelength
   steps with pixel wavelength fit up to 4th order), averaging up
   to 32 times
   Extended operations    (optional)    Linear and spline interpolation
   Fast fourier transformation (frequency analysis),
   Colour calculation (X; Y; Z, x, y, u’, v’, L*, a*, b*...)
   Radiometric calculations (radiance, luminance, CCT,
   Dominant wavelength, purity, peak wavelength, FWHM...)
   Calibration sets    Up to 30, application specific, user accessible

Available signal conditioning units for line (area) arrays:

(other arrays on request )
Manufacturer  Model  Type 
   Hamamatsu    S837x    CMOS
     S922x    CMOS
     S11639    CMOS
     S390x    NMOS
     S593x    NMOS (up to T1 cooled)
     S838x    NMOS
     S9840    BT CCD
     S10420    BT CCD
     S703x    BT CCD
     S1014x    BT CCD
     S11155    BT CCD
     S11156    BT CCD
     S1185x    BT CCD (up to T1 cooled)
     S11511    BT CCD (up to T1 cooled)
     G920x    InGaAs (up to T2 cooled)
     G11620    InGaAs (up to T2 cooled)
     G11508 (planned)    InGaAs (up to T2 cooled)
     G1147x (planned)    InGaAs (up to T2 cooled)
   Sensor Unlimited    LSB-Series    InGaAs (up to T3 cooled)
     LDB-Series    InGaAs (up to T3 cooled)
   Sony    ILX511    CMOS