OEM Spectrometer 


This new and compact spectrometer has a modified optical scheme and hence improved stray light characteristics (download datasheet). The compact design allows an easy integration into custom specific applications. The spectrograph RU40/90 basic is equipped with a mechanical shutter for easy dark offset correction.
The figure below shows RU40/90 with the complete set of peripherical elements as piezo shutter, a display, a laser diode and a Li polymer battery. Bluetooth or alternatively LAN interfaces are on board.
SDCM3 with SpectravalLP

BlueSpecCube (download datasheet) is a version of the RU 40/90 spectrometer with bluetooth, battery and switches for start and measurement. It can be easily used for own application specific systems. BlueSpecCube does not include an SD card slot, because it hass to be operated a PC or laptop.

Diffusor for Illuminance Measurement


The fixedly SMA-SMA fiber (part number : of sma-sma 200) with a diffusor (part number ACC 028) can be used to convert BlueSpecCube (or any other spectrometer) into a spectral measuring Lux meter.

 diffusor with sma sma fixed
SMA-SMA fiber with a diffusor with SMA connector (ACC 028)