How can I update my System?

Sometimes it is necessary to update the software of JETI instruments. New functions can be used and known bugs are removed.
Please carry out the following instructions:

Software update

  • The access to JETI LiVal, JETI MoDiCal and JETI VersaSpec is restricted (contact your supplier).
  • Install the software by clicking on the setup.exe file or via the installation window.

Driver update

  • Download the actual driver version from the website.
  • Ensure, that no JETI instrument is connected to the computer.
  • Follow the instructions.

DLL update

  • Download the actual SDK version from the website.
  • Copy the SDK into the working directory of the calling application or into the Windows system folder.

Firmware update

  • Download the actual firmware file from the website (the access is restricted, contact your supplier).
  • The update procedure is described here.