Imaging optics for small spot sizes

specbos 1211-2 and spectraval 15x1 in its standard configuration can measure in Radiance mode only with diameters of 4 mm and more. Applications as the measurement of small segments of displays or small sized OLEDs may need smaller diameters. Therefore, JETI offers three imaging optics to reduce the measuring diameter. Their data are shown in the following table:

Model Measuring distance (from front end of the optics) Field of view Length of optics Part number
specbos1211-2 specbos 1211UV-2 spectraval
Focus 3mm 70 mm 2.1° 77 mm ACC 006/1   ACC 006/1UV   ACC 006/2  
Focus 1mm 26 mm 1.9° 26 mm ACC 007/1   ACC 007/1UV   ACC 007/2  
Focus 0.5mm 46 mm 0.6° 77 mm ACC 008/1   ACC 008/1UV   ACC 008/2  
Customer specific design       ACC 009/1 d_D (measuring diameter d (mm) with measuring distance D (mm), d > 0.5 mm) on request ACC 009/2 d_D (measuring diameter d (mm) with measuring distance D (mm), d > 0.5 mm)

Please note:
It is only possible to use the imaging optics with specbos1211-2 focus/ specbos 1211UV-2 focus respectively spectraval 15x1 focus. Therefore, it is not possible to equip an existing standard model with these optics.

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