Color adjustment of LED video walls

Recommended products: spectraval 1511

Video walls become more and more popular as studio background, in Digital Signage, education, museums, public transport and other applications.

Mainly they consist of different modules which are combined to create a full picture. These modules are often very thin and also the border between adjacent modules is thin to give a homogenious general viewing impression.

The main task of the calibration of video walls is the matching of the different modules that it is not possible to distinguish between the different modules. This task can be performed using a spectroradiometer like spectraval 1511. The different modules can be adjusted like a normal display. Additionally, a final fine tuning can be applied.

It is also possible to use different Color Matching Functions than the CIE 1931 data. Especially for OLEDs a better color matching can be achieved when using the CIE 2006 data sets. These data are included in the software JETI LiVal.

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