Add-on optics for measurement of VR/AR glasses

JETI offers add-on optics to perform measurements of VR/AR glasses. These optics are only available for JETI specbos 2501 (equipped with focus add-on).

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) glasses are used in many areas that use technology to augment or simulate reality. Examples of applications in which VR and AR glasses are used:

  • Entertainment and gaming
    VR glasses are used in the gaming industry to create immersive experiences where players can immerse themselves in virtual worlds. AR glasses enhance games with digital elements in the real world.
  • Education and training
    VR is used for simulation-based training, for example in aviation, medicine or defense. Learners can practice complex or dangerous situations in a safe environment. AR can be used in classrooms to support the learning process through interactive 3D models and visual representations.
  • Medical applications
    VR is used for pain therapy and meditation, while AR helps surgeons plan and perform operations by superimposing relevant information or anatomical structures over the real field of view.
  • Architecture and design
    Architects and designers use VR to visualize and test buildings or products in a virtual environment. AR glasses make it possible to superimpose digital models over real spaces in order to experience the design in situ and make adjustments.
  • Tourism and travel
    VR can be used for virtual travel and tours, allowing users to explore landmarks or places virtually. AR is used in travel guides and city tours to provide information and clues about the surroundings.

The photometric characterization of AR/VR glasses must be carried out by simulating the eye pupil at the intended location in the eye box. Therefore, a normal spectroradiometer cannot be used for this purpose, but a special optical system must be used in which the input aperture is located in front of the first lens. This aperture represents the pupil and is placed where the human eye is when using the glasses.

Please note: It is not possible to equip an existing standard model with these optics. It can only be used with the focus version of specbos 2501.


Viewing angle 10° (20° ... 30° in planning)
Measuring diameter (aperture) 3 mm (optionally 4 and 5 mm)
Length of optics 222 mm (folded version in planning)
Article number ACC 089
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