Ranking of LEDs and other light sources

Recommended products: specbos 1211-2 | spectraval 1501

Several applications of power LED, e.g. in large displays or luminaires require the combination of individual LEDs to arrays. Color differences between the LEDs can easily be detected by the human eye in such arrays. Therefore it is necessary to use LEDs which are located in same color ranks. Often the manufacturer delivers his lamps binned to such ranks, but sometimes it is necessary to proceed the binning individually, e.g. if the number of pieces is too small or if the delivered ranks are not precise enough.

The software JETI LiVal which is delivered with the specbos instruments allows to design customer specific binning configurations in the xy diagram. The measurement is done manually and the operator can easily see, to which rank the sample fits. This solution is especially interesting for small and medium number applications.

The measurements can be done in Luminous intensity mode (specbos 1411) or in Luminous flux mode (specbos 1311). It is possible to define up to 12 user specific xy ranks and store them into a file. The ranks consist of polygons with up to 9 corners.

Binning structure of Luxeon Rebel Cool White LED
Binning structure of Luxeon Rebel Cool White LED
Example for a user defined rank
xy diagram with different ranks of a white LED
Successful classification
7 ranks are defined – sample fits rank c1
7 ranks are defined – sample fits rank c1
Outside of any specified range
Classification with result outside of any specified range
measured sample fits no defined rank

The binning function of JETI LiVal allows:

  • a fast and easy preparation of customer specific ranks and
  • a fast and easy measurement and classification of the samples

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