specbos 1211-2focus

Wide range spectroradiometer for small objects

specbos 1211-2focus can be used for the measurement of small light emitting objects as LED chips, the segments of alphanumeric displays, back illuminated signs and mini CCFL tubes. It has a specifically modified measuring optics compared with the standard device specbos 1211-2 and can be used in combination with focussing optics accessories to measure diameters of 3 mm, 1 mm and 0.5 mm in defined distances. The 0.5 mm version will be adjusted with a magnifying glass to increase the positioning precision.

All optics can be attached easily to the basic instrument by screwing. The used version of the front-end is automatically detected by the instrument and the appropriate calibration data set will be applied.

Focusing optics

Applications as the measurement of small segments of displays or small sized OLEDs may need smaller diameters. Therefore, JETI offers three focusing optics to reduce the measuring diameter. Please see here.

Special beam shaping optics

specbos measure in certain diameters, depending from the distance. Sometimes applications of Radiance measurement demand a specific measuring diameter d in a specific distance D. This can be realized by customer specific beam shaping optics (on request).


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