specbos 1211UV-2

Broadband Spectroradiometer 230 - 1000 nm

specbos 1211UV-2 extends the original wavelength range of the device in the UV range down to 230 nm, both in Radiance and Irradiance mode as well. All other parameters as sensitivity, viewing angle in Radiance mode (1.8°) and optical resolution remain the same as of the standard device.

This extension makes specbos 1211UV-2 suitable for hazard measurements according to the IES 62471 standard. Other applications are the measurement of UV exposure apparatus, suntanning banks etc.

UV measurement in an aquarium
UV measurement in an aquarium
UV measurement during production
UV measurement during production
specbos 1211UV with accessories
specbos 1211UV with accessories
specbos 1211UV-2 mounted on a tripod


  • Wavelength range from 230 - 1000 nm
  • Measurement in Radiance and Irradiance mode
  • Radiometric software JETI LiVal included
  • Start of measurement with external trigger signal
  • Highly sensitive
  • Internal target spot laser
  • Mechanical shutter for dark signal compensation
  • Automatic measurement in selectable time intervals
  • USB powered – mobile


Optical parameters

  • Spectral range
230 - 1000 nm
  • Optical bandwidth
4.5 nm
  • Measuring range
Luminance 0.2 … 100 000 cd/m²
Illuminance 1 … 1 500 000 lx

Measuring quantities

  • Luminance, Radiance
  • xy and u' v' coordinates
  • Dominant wavelength, Color purity
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • CRI, CQS, TM-30, TLCI, RGB
  • Circadian metrics, PAR

specbos 1211-2 can be delivered with various interfaces

specbos 1211UV-2 specbos 1211UV-2-RS specbos 1211UV-2-BT specbos 1211UV-2-LAN
USB2.0 RS232 and USB2.0
(power supply necessary for RS232 operation)
Bluetooth and USB2.0 LAN and USB2.0
(power supply neccessary)



In axis diffusors

Diffusor for specbos 1211UV and 1211UV-2 (ACC 013UV)

Additional Diffusor for specbos 1211UV and 1211UV-2 with filter OD0.5; OD1.0; OD1.5; OD2.0, others on request (ACC 013UV OD X.X)

8 mm Diffusor for specbos 1211UV and 1211UV-2 with short pass filter SP322, wavelength range 230 … 320 nm (ACC 020 SP)

8 mm Diffusor for specbos 1211UV and 1211UV-2 with UG11, wavelength range 250 … 400 nm (ACC 020 UG11)

Diffusor with 8 mm measuring diameter (ACC 026)

Diffusor with 8 mm diameter and 80° aperture (ACC 028)

Dome diffusor
The dome diffusor is equipped with a glass dom (silica for specbos 1211UV-2) and it is IP67 tested. It can be mounted on roofs or outdoor walls and allows a detection of the optical sky radiation. The standard length of the fiberoptic bundle is 3 m, so also longer distances between the measuring location and the indoor position of the measuring device can be spanned.

90° Diffusors

90° diffusor for specbos 1211UV and 1211UV-2 (ACC012UV)

90° diffusor for specbos 1211UV and 1211UV-2 with OD filter OD0.5; OD1.0; OD1.5; OD2.0 (ACC 012UV ODX.X)

Fiber extended diffusors

Length 35 cm/UV (ACC 015UV-035)

Length 1 m/UV (ACC 015UV-100)

Length 2 m/UV (ACC 015UV-200)

Length 3 m/UV (ACC 015UV-300)

Length 5 m/UV (ACC 015UV-500)

(other lengths on request)

Fiber extended 90° diffusor

Length 1 m/UV (ACC 019UV-100)

Length 3 m/UV (ACC 019UV-300)

(other lengths on request)

Fiber extended 90° diffusor with OD1.0 filter

Length 1 m/UV (ACC 019UV OD1-100)

(other lengths on request)

Fiber extended diffusor with dome

Length 3 m/UV (ACC 036-300UV)

(other lengths on request)

90° diffusor (ACC 012)
The standard diffusor of the device acts in line to the device. If the Illuminance at a low height above a surface needs to be measured, then the 90° diffusor can be applied. It is also available with attenuation filters to extend the Illuminance measuring range (ACC 012 ODx.x).

In axis remote diffusor (ACC 015-length)
If the measurement needs to be done in locations with limited space conditions then the remote diffusor can be used. It is a diffusor which is coupled to the spectraval device by an optical fiber bundle. The measurement is done in axis to the fiber bundle. Different fiber lengths are available.

90° remote diffusor, (ACC 019-length)
If the measurement needs to be done under limited space conditions and the in axis fiber coupled diffusor is not suited, then the 90° fiber coupled diffusor can be applied. Different fiber lengths are available.


Neutral density filters (ACC 010 ODx.x)
specbos 1211-2 can measure up to 25 000 cd/m2 (typical white LED spectrum). Additional neutral density filters allow to shift the measuring range towards higher Luminance levels.

Filter combination (ACC 030combi)
Filter for specbos 1211UV-2 with filter combination. Wavelength range 240 - 400 nm.


Only specbos 1211UV-2

Light effects


  • UV measurements


External software

External software

Program Manufacturer Software Driver Firmware specbos  1211 SDK (DLL)
External Software packages
CalMAN Portrait Displays 5.9.0 2.12.28 1.71 4.4.0
LightSpace LightIllusion 7.1.7 2.12.28 1.70 4.4.0
ChromaPure DisplayCalibrations   3.0.8 2.12.28 1.71 4.4.0
Truelight FilmLight 4.0.6354   3.0.0  
HCFR open source 2.08.30 3.0.0  
ArgyllCMS open source 1.9.1   3.0.0  
ArgyllPro open source 1.1   3.0.2  
Hardware related software
Monitor_AutoWhite Adjustment Sony 2.12.28 1.54 4.4.0
Monitor Calibration JVC 2.0.7 2.08.24 1.71   
CL-Soft TVLogic 1.6.2 T3 2.08.24 1.71 3.0.0
Calibrator TVLogic 1.7.1R1   3.2.3. 4.0.18
sonoVTSDisplayCenterQ sonoVTS 0.72    2.0 3.2.3
ColorNavigator EIZO   3.2.6  
Plura Calibration Suite 3G Plura 2.0      3.0.0
Monitor Calibrator BON 2.0.3    3.0.0 3.2.3
Boland (CalMAN) Portrait Displays special worksheet
IS-mini Manager Fujifilm 2.2.2 2.08.30 3.0.2 3.2.3

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