JETI ACC Flicker

Flicker meter for lamp and display measurement

ACC Flicker is a modern, compact and miniature instrument for measuring flicker. With this flicker meter the light fluctuations of lamps, luminaires, monitors, and projectors can be measured. Thus, it can be used in product development or product testing by manufacturers of monitors or luminaires.


  • Fast measurement
  • Compact solution
  • Easy to handle
  • Handy
  • Applicable to lamps/ luminaires as well as displays
  • PC software JETI VersaFlic included

ACC Flicker is available in two versions:

ACC Flicker Lamp

  • Measurement of lamps and luminaires
  • Illuminance mode
ACC Flicker Lamp for JETI spectroradiometer
ACC Flicker Lamp for JETI spectroradiometer

ACC Flicker Display

  • Measurement of monitors and projectors
  • Luminance mode, with straylight protection tube
ACC Flicker Display
ACC Flicker Display for JETI spectroradiometer

Measuring values of ACC Flicker Lamp

  • Frequency
  • % Flicker (IESNA)
  • Flicker index
  • Luminous ripple
  • PstLM (measuring time 1 … 10 min)
  • SVM

Measuring values of ACC Flicker Display

  • Frequency
  • Contrast flicker
  • JEITA value

Part numbers

Part number
Flicker-L-scv Flicker meter for lamps
Flicker-D-scv Flicker meter for displays

Scope of delivery

  • PC software JETI VersaFlic for Windows 10
  • Operating instructions including firmware commands
  • USB cable
  • Tripod
  • Transport box



ACC Flicker Lamp (Illuminance mode)
ACC Flicker Display (Luminance mode, with straylight protection tube)

Measuring values

ACC Flicker Lamp:
Frequency, % Flicker (IESNA), Flicker index, Luminous ripple, SVM, Pst LM (measuring time 1 ... 10 min)

ACC Flicker Display:
Frequency, Contrast flicker, JEITA value

Measuring ranges

Frequency 10 ... 500 Hz
Flicker 0 ... 100 %

ACC Flicker Lamp 20 ... 20 000 lx
ACC Flicker Display 20 ... 4 000 cd/m²

Sampling rate 4 KHz

Additional information


According to V(λ)

Measuring spot

ACC Flicker Lamp
3 x 8 mm diameter in pitch circle of 30 mm diameter

ACC Flicker Display
10 mm diameter in 65 mm distance

Power supply

USB powered


USB 2.0 fullspeed


ACC Flicker Lamp: 46 mm x 46 mm x 36 mm
ACC Flicker Display: 46 mm x 46 mm x 120 mm (incl. straylight protection tube)


ACC Flicker Lamp: 56 g
ACC Flicker Display: 140 g

Operating conditions

Temperature 10 ... 40 °C
Humidity < 85 % relative humidity at 35 °C

Accessories (included)

PC software JETI VersaFlic for Windows 10,
operating instructions including firmware commands,
USB cable,
transport box


ACC Flicker lamp

ACC Flicker display


Tutorial videos

Tutorial videos of how to use the JETI ACC flicker coming soon

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