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June 08, 2021: Release of new versions of JETI LIVal, JETI SDK and firmware for spectraval 1501/1511

We would like to inform you about the release of the following new versions of JETI LiVal, JETI SDK and the firmware for spectraval 1501/1511:

1) New JETI LiVal V7.0.0
- Changelog
- New and improved among others:
* Table- and PDF-Export redesigned and extended
* Hazard measurement redesigned

2) New JETI SDK V4.6.x
- Changelog
- New and improved among others:
* improved Bluetooth communication
* improved device handling

3) New firmware for spectraval 1501/1511 V1.10.x
- Changelog
- New and improved among others:
* Frequency measurement of modulated light sources improved

March 16, 2021: JETI tutorial videos for spectraval 1501 available

We are very happy to announce the JETI tutorial videos are now available for JETI spectraval 1501 at YouTube  and our website.
For those, who have not access to YouTube, you can find the videos directly on our website.

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