specbos 1211-2 with different connectors

specbos 1211-LAN-2 / specbos 1211-BT-2 / specbos 1211-RS-2

Wide range Spectroradiometer for process applications

Process applications demand a 100 % reliable function of the measuring device under harsh conditions as an electromagnetically disturbed environment. Often there are small time periods between the measurements and the measurements have to be taken during many hours or days. A comparable application is the spectral measurement on a goniometer where hundreds or thousands of measurements have to be proceeded to get a precise LDF. specbos 1211-LAN-2 is suited for such applications if a wavelength range beyound the Visible is of interest. The data transfer via Ethernet interface is 100 % reliable and no data loss or crashes will occure.

The device has the LAN interface in addition to the USB interface. It always needs a 9V power supply.

Alternatively specbos 1211-2 is available with Bluetooth (specbos 1211-BT-2) or RS 232 interface (specbos 1211-RS-2).

To extend the specbos 1211-LAN-2, 1211-BT-2 or 1211-RS-2 to Irradiance mode, please order the standard diffuser for specbbos.


specbos 1211-LAN-2
specbos 1211-LAN-2
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