spectraval 1501

VIS Spectroradiometer

spectraval 1501 is a precise and economic reference grade VIS spectroradiometer for various applications including monitor and projector calibration and the measurement of different display types. It measures spectral Radiance in the visible range and provides a variety of integral data.

Special versions of the device are spectraval 1501HiRes (with an increased optical resolution), spectraval 1501NIR (with a wavelength range up to 1000 nm) and spectraval 1501-LAN (with LAN interface instead of Bluetooth).

spectraval 1501
Front view of spectraval 1501
Front view of spectraval 1501
Measurement of a monitor
Measurement of a monitor
Measurement of glasses
Measurement of glasses


  • Fast measurement of spectral Radiance
  • Radiometric software JETI LiVal included
  • Optimized operation routines
  • Marking of measuring circle
  • Piezo-electric shutter for dark signal compensation
  • Bluetooth and USB interfaces
  • USB or battery powered
  • Suited for HDR (luminance values up to 140 000 cd/m² can be measured)
  • Economic price
  • Implementation into customer specific applications possible using:
    • Radiometric DLLs (Windows applications) or
    • Serial commands (SCPI-like syntax) (Windows and Linux applications)

spectraval 1501 is also available in the following special versions:


Optical parameters

  • Spectral range
380 … 780 nm (380 … 1000 nm NIR version)
  • Optical bandwidth
4.5 nm (2nm HiRes version)
  • Measuring range
Luminance 0.2 … 140 000 cd/m²

Measuring quantities

  • Luminance, Radiance
  • xy and u' v' coordinates
  • Dominant wavelength, Color purity
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT)
  • CRI, CQS, TM-30
  • Circadian metrics, PAR




Standard diffusor (ACC 032)
The pure spectraval 15x1 measures in spectral Radiance mode. It is possible to convert it into a spectral Irradiance meter by attaching a diffusor.

90° diffusor (ACC 032/90°)
The standard diffusor of the device acts in line to the device. If the Illuminance at a low height above a surface needs to be measured, then the 90° diffusor can be applied. It is also available with attenuation filters to extend the Illuminance measuring range (ACC 032 ODx.x).

90° remote diffusor (ACC 035-length)
If the measurement needs to be done under limited space conditions and the in axis fiber coupled diffusor is not suited, then the 90° fiber coupled diffusor can be applied. Different fiber lengths are available.

In axis remote diffusor (ACC 034-length)
If the measurement needs to be done in locations with limited space conditions then the remote diffusor can be used. It is a diffusor which is coupled to the spectraval device by an optical fiber bundle. The measurement is done in axis to the fiber bundle. Different fiber lengths are available.

Focusing optics

Focusing optics for small spot sizes
specbos 1211-2 and spectraval 15x1 in its standard configuration can measure in Luminance mode only with diameters of 4 mm and more. Applications as the measurement of small segments of displays or small sized OLEDs may need smaller diameters. Therefore, JETI offers three focusing optics to reduce the measuring diameter


Neutral density filter (ACC 033 OD1.0)
spectraval 15x1 can measure up to 100 000 cd/m² (typical white LED spectrum). An additional neutral density filter allows to shift the measuring range towards 10 times higher Luminance levels.

Dolby/realD filter cap pairs
The calibration of 3D projectors needs to be done through the right and left eye glasses. spectraval 15x1 can be equipped with caps containing the filters of Dolby (ACC 053) and realD (ACC 052) projection.  The usage of these filter pairs allows a precise measurement of 3D projections.


Straylight protection tube (ACC 046)
The straylight protection tube prevents the influence of surrounding light on Radiance measurements. It is mainly used for display measurements. The fixed length of the tube is 16 cm.



  • Burn in tests of lamps

Light effects

  • Measurement in architecture and architecture models
  • Measurement of street lighting
  • CRI adjustment of surgerial lamps
  • Circadian metrics


  • Application of different color matching functions
  • Correction measurement for Tristimulus instruments
  • Long term measurements of daylight and in green houses
  • General transmission/reflexion measurements
  • Remote sensing
  • Measurements in strong magnetic fields
  • Special new “Visual appearance” calculations

External software

External software

Program Manufacturer Software* Driver Firmware spectraval 1501 SDK (DLL)
External software packages
CalMAN Portrait Displays 5.9.0 2.12.28 1.0.4 4.4.0
LightSpace Light Illusion 7.1.7 2.12.28 1.0.4 4.4.0
ChromaPure DisplayCalibrations   3.0.8 2.12.28 1.0.0 4.4.0
ColourSpace Light Illusion 2.12.28 1.0.4 4.4.0
Hardware related software
Calibrator TVLogic 1.7.1R1   1.0.4 4.0.18
ColorNavigator EIZO   1.0.4  

* tested version

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